Plunger Pump Basics

The Future of Plunger Pump Technology

Wastecorp’s Initiatives

Wastecorp Pumps (New York/ New Jersey USA) and WPCI Environmental brands have teamed up with what is known as the "Plunger Pump 21st Century Initiative. The vision of this plan is to meet scheduled deadlines to advance plunger pump technology through 2020 and beyond. Wastecorp and WPCI have pledged over $7.5 million in research and development to facilitate design changes. Wastecorp has been collecting data from four primary groups over the last 15 years: End Users, Consulting engineers, Contractors, plunger pump representatives. The purpose of the data collection is to incorporate the perspectives of our users in design updates.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades Worldwide

Given the alternatives, plunger pump technology is a mainstay in primary sewage treatment. Wastecorp routinely replaces double disc pumps, progressive cavity and rotary lobe technology that generally cannot handle the volume of sludge that represent the modern realities of municipal and industrial sludge transfer. We find that our pump users are facing substantial increases in both volume of sludge and percentage of solids involved in primary sewage treatment.