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Wastecorp Packing Puller
A quick and easy way to install and remove pump packing

Earlier this year, Wastecorp conducted a survey asking facility maintenance staff about what would make pump maintenance quicker and easier? The results show that more easy-to-use tools to reduce down time would be helpful. Based on your input, Wastecorp now offers the "Packing Puller". Now, installing or removing braided packing for most plunger and centrifugal pump brands is quicker and easier. Plus, contact with the packing is reduced making your maintenance procedures cleaner for everyone.
Interchangeable cork screw tip

Interchangeable Tip

The Packing Puller turns into a multi-use tool with its interchangeable tip.

Specification:  Flexible Shaft Packing Pullers with T-handle and Interchangeable tip
Size # 1  
7.5" overall length with ¼” Dia cork screw tip
Size # 2 
11” overall length with t-handle and 5/16” Dia cork screw tip
Size # 3
P/N# 61040-00  
14”  overall length with t-handle and 3/8” Dia cork screw tip
Three different sizes to suit your needs.

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