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Plunger Pump Maintenance
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Plunger Pump Trouble Shooting Guide
Trouble shoot any problems that you might experience with your plunger pump.


Probable Cause

Recommended Action

Will not Prime

1. Air Leak

2. Blocked Line

3. Worn packing

4. Worn plunger

5. Worn valves and/or seat

6. Clogged valve chambers

7. Suction lift too great

8. Closed valves

1. Tighten all suction line joints, couplings or connections

2. Clean line

3. Adjust and/or replace

4. Replace

5. Replace

6. Clean valve chambers, ball valves and seats

7. Relocate pump closer to liquid and fill pump body with water

8. Open valves

Will not Pump

1. Clogged valve chambers

2. Closed valves

3. Blocked suction line

4. Sheared eccentric pin

5. Recirculation through a
by-pass line

6. Broken or slipping belts

1. Clean valve chambers, ball valves and seats

2. Open valves

3. Clean out

4. Replace pin and retorque eccentric flanges

5. Check for open relief valve or blown rupture disc

6. Replace or retention

Noisy Pump

1.Water-logged chambers

2. Worn eccentric and/or wrist
pin bearings

1. Drain and recharge

2. Reshim rod, repair or replace

Excessive Power Draw

1. Excessive operating head

2.      Pump packing too tight

1. Check for closed or clogged valves or lines.  Compare discharge pressure with specified operating conditions

2. Readjust packing gland

Hot Eccentric Bearing

1. Insufficient lubrication

2. Bearing improperly shimmed

3. Insert worn

1. Establish oil flow to the bearing

2. Reshim

3. Replace insert and eccentric

Eccentric Pin Failure

1. Excessive discharge pressure

2. Eccentric bolts loose

3. Eccentric flanges oily

4. Pump packing too tight

5. Eccentric bearing clearance too great

1. Inspect valves and lines for clogging

2. Tighten to proper torque

3. Wash off oil and retorque bolts

4. Readjust packing gland

5. Inspect bearing and reshim

Low Capacity

1. Speed too low on variable speed drive

2. Pump stroke set too short

3. Air leak in suction line

4. Recirculation through a
by-pass line

1. Reset speed, count strokes

2. Set to longer stroke length

3. Check for leaks, hydrostatically test

4.Check for open relief valve or
blown rupture disc


Tools Required for pump maintenance:

Certified torque wrench

Socket heads required: 7/8, 15/16, 9 /16, ½, ¾ and 1-1/8

2 – engineer wrenches (size: 3/4)

1 – large flat head screwdriver

1 – Gallon of 90 Gear Oil or equivalent

1 – Feeler gauge

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