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Overhauling The Pump Body on a Plunger Pump
Instructions on how to overhaul and replace a stuffing box on PE and HPE Series plunger pumps.

a) Remove suction valve chamber assembly bolts.

b) Loosen bolts on pump body to elbow on discharge side

c)  Rotate shaft by hand so that the plunger is at the bottom of its stroke

d) Tighten packing gland bolts to compress packing against plunger

e) Remove the four bolts holding the stuffing box to the pump body

f)  Rotate shaft 180 degrees by hand.  This will lift stuffing box off the pump body

g) Swing plunger and stuffing box out towards suction side of pump.  Lift stuffing box and plunger to a horizontal position and support them with a rope sling

h)  Remove bolts holding pump body to base

i)    Slip the pump body out from between the posts.

j)  Insert new pump body between posts and slide into place.

k)  Bolt pump body to base.  Bolts should not be tightened until stuffing box is seated on pump body.

l)   Rotate shaft by hand to position plunger and stuffing box on top of pump body and seat stuffing box on pump body.

m) Bolt stuffing box to pump body and tighten pump body to base bolts.

n)   Loosen packing gland bolts.

o) Rotate shaft by hand to be sure packing is not tight against plunger.

p) Bolt suction valve chamber and discharge elbow to pump body.

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