Plunger Pump Maintenance

Main Shaft Installation

How to install a new main shaft on a plunger pump.

a) Rotate shaft until plunger is at bottom of stroke. Mark upper and lower halves of connecting rod to insure proper reassembly. Remove the two thru bolts holding conn rod halves together. Remove upper half of conn rod; shims should be counted for exact reassembly. (If pump has more than one plunger, step one should be repeated.)

b) Remove four bolts holding upper and lower half of gear case together. Remove upper half of gear case, care should be taken to prevent damage to the felt gasket.

c) Remove all bolts holding main shaft pillow block bearings to base. Mark position and location of bearings to base.

d) Using a chain hoist, lift main shaft straight up from base. All shims under pillow block bearings should be replaced in their exact position.

e) Mark location of bearings, eccentric flanges and gear by scribing shaft.

f) Loosen setscrews in bearing collars, eccentric flange and gear. If taper lock bushing is used in gear, loosen bushing from gear.

g) Clean all paint, etc, from shaft and oil exposed portions of shaft.

h) Remove all parts from old shaft.

i ) Place old shaft alongside of the new shaft and mark locations of bearings, eccentric flange and gear. Oil new shaft.

j) Replace all parts on new shaft in their proper positions.

k) Replace shaft on pump base and reverse procedure in steps 1 through 4.