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Plunger Pump Manufacturing

From start to finish. How plunger pumps are manufactured for Sludge pump applications

Design Stage
Using sophisticated 3D modeling pump design software, Wastecorp incorporates specific needs of your sewage treatment plant. From guided plungers, to dual ball valve construction, your plunger pump's DNA is on file for training and future needs.

Precision Engineering
Wastecorp's plunger pump production staff includes machinists, millwrights and assembly partners who are specifically trained on plunger pump technology. Our staff averages 13 years of experience working with plunger pumps.
Hydrostatic Testing
Our plunger pumps undergo standard rigorous testing under various pressures and operating conditions. Our pumps undergo an average of five hours of product testing before moving on to the next stage.
Factory Priming
Wastecorp plunger pumps receive standard corrosion resistant coatings prior to the final coating stage. Depending on your application various Tenemec coatings are implemented at this stage.
Final Coating Application
Our plunger pumps are known to exceed 30 years of service. One way of ensuring long service life is by using the latest paint technologies to resist the harsh pumping environments our pumps operate in.
Final Inspection
In accordance with ISO 9000 standards Wastecorp implements a standard 50 point quality control test prior to shipment. No detail is overlooked.
Shipment To Your Sewage Plant
Depending on the size of your project, Wastecorp plunger pumps are carefully loaded in a close top tractor trailer (5 or below) or an open top tractor trailer for quantities of 6 or more.

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