Plunger Pump Manufacturing

Plunger Pump Material List

See the Wastecorp Plunger Pump materials of construction. Other materials are available upon request.

Download this materials list (pdf 200k)

Pump Component

Standard Material

Optional Materials

Main Shaft

A4140/4142 High-Strength Alloy Steel


ASTM A48, Class 35 Close-grained Grey Iron

Eccentric Lubrication

Manual Sight Feed Oiler, 1.5 oz

a) Automatic ball-type oiler with needle valve (4 oz), b) Electric Solenoid Oiler, c) Mechanical Force Feed Lubricator

Driven / Drive Flanges

ASTM A48, Class 35 Close-grained Grey Iron

Connection Rod

ASTM A48, Class 35 - 40 Close-grained Grey Iron

Eccentic Bearing liner

Replaceable, Aluminum Alloy 319

Bushing / Wrist Pin

SAE 941 Oil-Lite Bronze

Wrist Pin

A4140/4142 High-Strength Alloy Steel

Valve Seat

ASTM A48, Class 35 Close-grained Grey Iron

Bronze Alloy, 316 Stainless Steel

Ball Valve

5-1/8” Urethane Rubber with Centralized Iron Core


ASTM A48, Class 35 Close-grained Grey Iron, Hardened to min. Rc40, Polished to RMS 32 finish

Coatings Available: a) Hard Chrome Plated, b) Chrome Oxide, c) Aluminum Oxide, d) Tungsten Carbide, e) Stainless Steel

Pump Body

ASTM A48, Class 35 Close-grained Grey Iron

Stuffing Box

ASTM A48, Class 35 Close-grained Grey Iron


ASTM A48, Class 35 Close-grained Grey Iron

Flange Connection

4” ANSI 125 lb (Simplex and Duplex Pumps)

6” ANSI 150 lb (Triplex and Quadruplex Pumps)

Air Chamber

A53 Seamless Steel Pipe, Anodized with ¼” brass petcock

304 or 316 Stainless Steel


½” sq. Graphite Impregnated Braided with Poly-urethane seal

a) Graphite Rings Only, b) Chevron Rings Only, c) Combo (Graphite/Chevron), d) Plunger Pac (Chevron, Teflon and Poly-urethane seal)

Pump Base

Fabricated heavy-duty steel channel and tube base plate and pedestals with drip gutters and 1” drain connections

Drive Arrangement

Constant Speed, Helical Gearmotor coupled to pump’s mainshaft, Max. Output Speed: 50 RPM

a) V-Belt/Gear/Pulley System, b) Mechanical Variable Speed Drives, c) Variable Frequency Drives, d) Others – Contact Wastecorp

Drive Coupling

Flexible Grid-Type

a) Disc Coupling, b) Elastomer Coupling, c) Others – Contact Wastecorp